Life Improvement Consultant offers an advanced technology in the field of human relations.

Founded in Toronto in 1993, by Paulette Layton, the group provides seminars, lectures and personal counselling. Topics include Interpersonal Communication, Emotions in the Workplace, Relieving Stress, Personal Development and Improvement.

Ms. Layton holds a B.A. and P.D.P. from the University of Guelph, University of Malaga, Spain and Simon Fraser University. She has received her Communications and Counsellor's Certificates from the Hubbard College of Improvement in Clearwater, Florida. Her experience includes teacher of elementary, secondary and adult education.

Life Improvement Consultant has delivered training and counselling to business people, professionals and their families internationally.

Ms. Layton has personally worked with many top executives and their staff to help them reach their full potential. Dianetics and Scientology technologies are implemented to make the able more able.

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